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Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Of the four seasons trekking spring and autumn or fall are the most popular seasons for trekking in Nepal among the trekkers.

September-November: Trekking in the autumn season (September-November): Autumn trekking season offers excellent weather conditions and view the beautiful mountain autumn are the best seasons to trek in the Himalayas of Nepal. Fall season is the peak season, the weather is clear to see the spectacular mountain scenery and Himalayas. Most Hindu festivals in Nepal as Dashain and Tihar (Dipawali) falls into the fall season provide an opportunity to explore and present the local people, culture, tradition and lifestyle. Treks of the fall season are suitable for average hikers, it is not very difficult to see the high Himalayan valleys. 

December-February: Trekking in the winter season (December-February): Winter is the best season for trekking at low altitude below 3000 meters Himalayan foothills of Nepal, which offers great views of Himalayas. Snowfall in the winter at higher altitudes of the season so it is not possible to visit the highlands, cool weather and clear skies with breathtaking views over the low mountains. treks in the winter season are suitable for hikers of all levels who are interested in exploring the area of low mountains of Nepal. 

March-May: Trekking in the spring season (March-May) Spring is the perfect time for trekking in the Himalayas. Many people from different parts of the world visit Nepal in the spring for a walking holiday. In spring season bloom different varieties of wild flowers, particularly the rhododendrons make the hillside above 4000 meters a haunting paradise during this season. It is mildly warm at low altitude and at higher altitudes over 4,000 meters, the mountain views are superb, excellent and temperature is quite moderate. Treks to the spring season are suitable for hikers on average, it is not difficult to see the high Himalayan valleys.

June-August: Trekking during the monsoon season, from late June to early September, may prove annoying in the lower mountains and the flatland of Terai.  The weather is hot and humid. However, it is the favorite season to trek in the rain shadow of arid regions, such as Upper Mustang, Dolpo and Kailash areas. Treks in the summer season are recommended for forest researchers and botanists as the high valleys and meadows blossom with flowers and lush vegetation. Key benefits of trekking in the summer months are the trails without crowd and less cold in the high mountains.